Age Of War
Age of War Map Age of War now boasts over 100 playable zones,
most of which are Unique to Age of War.
Below is a list of the current available zones,
separated into three groups.
The first group of zones are areas that are
not open to the public or have to be opened
by an Immortal, such as the The Battlefield
or Arena as we like to call it.
The second group of zones can be found on or
around the lands of Torath-Lok and is generaly
easy access from most areas.
The third group can be found on Thalusia and
is only reachable by buying a ship and sailing
through the ocean to reach your destination.

The second and third groups are also separated
into recommened or required levels for the zones.
Some zones are recommended for all levels and
have both easy and hard mobs in the general area.

Recommened Levels: 1-50
Halloween Fun-Zone(Halloween Zone)
Permanent Mortal Residences(I and II)
Tarlwyn Park(Valentine's Day Zone)
The Haunted Mansion(Halloween Zone)
The North Pole(Christmas Zones I and II)
The Town of Tanamin(4th of July Zone)
The Battlefield (Arena)

Limited to Levels: 51-58
God Simplex
The Magical Lands of the Gods
Limbo - Internal

Limited to Levels: 1-10
The Temple of Ares (Newbie Zone)

Limited to Levels: 1-29
The Ice Hockey Rink

Recommended Levels: 1-30
Drow City
Haon-Dor, Light Forest
Moria, Levels 1-3
Rand's Tower
The Sewers (1-4)
The City Of Thalos
The Dwarven Kingdom
The Elven woods
The Great Eastern Desert
The Great Pyramid
The Orc Enclave
The Opera House of Torath-Lok

Recommended Levels: 10-40
King Welmar's Castle
Redferne's Mansion & Flying Fortress
River Island Of Minos
The Amazon Jungle
The High Tower of Magic
The Kingdom of the Three Swords
Transylvania (Part II)
Volcano Skyfire (Kaery's Lair)

Recommended Levels: 25-50
Haon-Dor, Dark Forest
Hobbit Village
Isle of Rauru
Rohanda Under-The-Sea
The Ancient City of Shimada
The Keep of Araknath
The Vistani Encampment

Recommended Levels: 50, Group Only
An Assassin's Playground
Ashalon, City of the Seven Stars
Citadel of Ryendael
Dambrath, Capitol Town of Chaos
Emerald City
Golgotha Castle
Golgotha the Cursed City
Heaven On Earth
Inner Fortress of Araknath
Ivory Kingdoms
Midian the Necropolis
Realm of Elban, Capitol of Paladins
Skyways over Torath-Lok(Parts 1-16)
The Dark Territory
The DeathStar
The Demi-Plane of Chaos
The Land of the Bism
The Maiden's Revenge
The Valley of Prysania
The Plains of Destiny(Part I)
The Plains of Destiny(Part II)
Tsurlagol, Capitol Town of Justice
Valley Of The Four Winds(Part I)
Valley Of The Four Winds(Part II)
Realm of Lost Souls

Recommended Levels: 1-50
NE quad connect
New Thalos (Hometown)
Northern Midgaard Main City (Hometown)
Northwest Territory
Southern Midgaard
Southwest Territory
The Central City of Torath-Lok (Hometown)
Qlon River System
Southeast Territory

Recommended Levels: 1-50
Path of Thieves
The City of Aderi (Hometown)
The Lost City of Dun Vahl
Vandric Harbor (Hometown)
The Forest of the Shrouded Star

Recommended Levels: 35-50
Forgotten Ruins
Thalusia(Areas I-IV)
The Forbidden Isle
The Seven Seas
Village of Huitzilpochtli
Woods of Al-Hazred
The Genocide of Tidal

Recommended Levels: 50, Group Only
Carmana Valley
Pirate's Cove

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