Age Of War


Here is a brief description of my character, mud history, and real life stuff.

Level: 58
Class: Warrior
Race: Giant
Height: 15ft 5in
Weight: 311 lbs
Age: 190 yrs
Align: Pure Evil
Health: 29575
Mana: 2175
Move: 571
Damroll: 132
Hitroll: 100

I have played AoW now for 10+ years, with 5+ years as an Immortal. I became Assitant Implementor in early 2006 and then Implementor in early 2007. In the time I have been allowed, I have strived to make the playing field fair for everyone, not just a select few.

I do have mortals, and on rare occasions I do play em, though, not as much as I used to. I have a lovely wife whom I've been with for 13+ years, who also plays AoW. We have two children, one boy who is 11, and one girl who is 5.

Here is a short story that I wrote on March 31st, 2008.

Two children of Earth

It was known, not so long ago, that on the 4TH day, of the 4TH month, of the year 1997 A.D., one of disciple's of the Heavens and one of disciple's from the depths Hell met on neutral grounds. Their only goal was to instill a great power into one small male child. They gave this child the look of an actor and the temper of an elephant. They gave him unmatched wisdom, intelligence and common sense, enough to rule the world, enough to make the mortal world, a better place.

They gave the small child only one noticeable sign of their meeting, a small curl in the middle of his forehead, a curl that would never go away.

After six long grueling years, the disciples of the Heavens and the minions of dark reaches of Hell, realized that they had made a disastrous mistake as to instill such power into one small mortal. The child was more than either side had expected, if unchallenged, he would eventually gain enough power to control the Heavens and depths Hell from earth. There would be no stopping this child once he became fully aware of his powers.

Knowing this would mean utter ruin, not only for them, but for the world too, they decided to meet once again, to counter the small one. They would give him a foe and a companion. The sibling would squash his steady climb to greatness and control him, thus preventing the inevitable.

So it was that on the 2ND day, of the 4TH month, of the year 2003 A.D., one disciple of the Heavens and one minion from the depths of Hell met once more on neutral grounds. The only goal was to install the best of the Heavens and the worst of the depths of Hell into one small female child, to counter their mistake of the past. They gave this child the undying look of an Angel, with the ruthless wrath of a Demon. They gave her wisdom, common sense, strength, and height. Enough to slay the mightiest of foes, enough to control the will of others.

Once again, they gave the small child only one noticeable sign, a small curl in the middle of her forehead, a curl that would never go away.

Eleven years has passed since the original neutral meeting of Good and Evil, and the world is safe from certain doom and destruction. The two children are companions, at the same time they are mortal enemies. They constantly fight and argue, challenging each other at every turn, but with love for each other that is unparalleled, deep within their hearts.

The Minions were correct, they would balance each other out. There was only one flaw to their secret plans. When they are Good, they are really, really good. When they are Bad, they are really, really bad.

I do not believe this was an attempt to give the world smart, healthy children, or even to show the world that Good and Evil can exist within each of us. I think they were brought into this world, two small tokens, to strengthen a family's love for each other.

The world knows these children by their mortal names of Sean Alan and Lily Ann, I call them Son and Daughter.

Happy Birthday you two!!

Here is a free hand dragon I made in KolourPaint on April 2nd, 2008.


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