Age Of War

Suday Night Trivia

Age of War has been hosting Sunday Night Trivia for well over 10 years now, making it the Original Sunday Night Trivia. Each Sunday, Players are asked a Variety of questions, ranging from Science to Drama, as well as Age of War Mud questions. If a player answers correctly, first, they win a quest point.

Below, is a list of players and totals for the year starting with the first Sunday in 2012!

Name Total Points
Sepultura 0
Glen 0
Atua 0
Sigge 0
Furai 0
Bucco (null)
Cervantes 0
Vaynard 0
Killah 0
Zeevius 0
FuzzyDice 0
Kaizen 0
Striker 0
Osiris 0
TommyC 0
Caman 0
Markan 0
Sobe 0
Roxas 0
Mech 0
Tira 0
Swag 0
Moignus 0
Deew 0
Flash 0

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