Age Of War


From time to time an Immortal's reading will get pretty boring, so they will decide to run a short Story Quest or RP Story Quest to enhance the reading or to simply get away from the text books for awhile.

The theme of the Story Quest is up to the Immortal, and can be about anything, Mud related or not. Generally the Quests are worth Quest Points, with places for First, Second and Third. The specific rules for the Quest are also up to the Immortal running it and are posted at the time. The stories may be true, or they not be, only writer knows for sure. Below are a few stories from such Quests.

"Who's the most annoying person you know??"

by Shatter

About two years ago I first met her, at a party my cousin and his wife were having. She went by Annabelle, Anna for short. At first it was just a brief meeting, no conversation to speak of really. I was floored by her beautiful blond curls and sparkling blue eyes. If it had been left at that I would have nothing but fond memories about Anna, unfortunately over time we became more acquainted with each other. As we spent more time together I slowly noticed something about Anna's diet, if you could even call it that, to put it lightly she lives on a liquid diet if you catch my drift. She would just drink and drink and drink.

Now I'm not one to try and get in the way of someone enjoying themselves but was obviously out of control. She's still young and I guess just wants to have a good time, but more than once she drank to the point where she could barely stand up by herself. People had to prop her up, or if she could stumble around on her own I had to make a conscious effort to make sure she didn't get near any stairs. She never insisted on driving or anything totally irrational, but she would demand to be the center of attention, singing or even screaming to make sure all eye are on her, and no one else seemed to mind. Most of them had known each other basically forever but none of my cousins other friends acted like this, or batted an eye at her behavior. If that isn't enough she has thrown up on herself or even others more than once, not me I made sure of that, but that same night right back to drinking.

Maybe you think I'm blowing this out of proportion, but I used to be really close with my cousin, I like to think I still am, he's older than me and I always looked up to him like a brother I suppose. Ever since Anna though I find myself spending less and less time with him, at first I didn't notice, I seemed to subconsciously find reasons I couldn't go to one of his parties but now I'm pretty sure it was just to avoid Anna. It finally hit the fan on night when I found myself letting Anna babble at me while we were both sitting on the couch and I noticed quite a foul odor. In short order I placed where I recognized the smell from and using my deductive reasoning skills discovered the source. I didn't confront Anna but I did go and get my cousin's wife. All she did was quietly went over to Anna and took her to help her change into clean clothes! No confrontation, no nothing! I took my cousin and his wife aside and demanded to know why they allowed this to continue in their house, and they had the audacity to tell me that I would understand when I had a baby of my own! Who do they think they are!

Since they wont listen to reason I'm doing my best to stay away from Anna until she is on solid foods and is potty trained.


Life with Mike Zurawski
by Killah

After a long weekend up in Virginia Beach my roommate Kevin and I arrive at the barracks. The weekend has taken its toll; our tired bodies dragging the suitcases up the stairs. Arriving at 205, I fling open the door eager for the comfort of my bed, but rage suddenly fills every inch of my being. There on its bed lays a hairy chested creature wearing a pair of green camouflage pants and foul colored socks.

"Zurawski, why the fu** are you still in uniform?"
"I haven't had time to change yet?"

I feel my blood boiling as I look around the room, "Haven't had time? We've been off work for three days! Obviously you haven't been cleaning, so what have you been doing?"

"Well there was a special mission on my Star Wars game this weekend, so I had to help my clan,"he replies as though this somehow justifies the situation.

A quick glance at his locker reveals the entirety of our dishes stacked at various angles, all soiled with the remains of partially eaten food. "Why are all the dishes in your locker? Is that pile of crap in the corner all garbage?" I scream, no doubt alerting the next several rooms to our return. Leaving the room in an attempt to regain my composure lest I dispatch the life from his hair covered, sweat encrusted body; Kevin is left alone to try and regain some semblance of order.

After much yelling and several hours, Zurawski has finished cleaning the room and his laptop is returned to him from its place in my hand dangling over the railing. Perhaps a lesson is learned, as his most treasured possession faces imminent destruction, gravity and concrete calling it from below.

"Now go shower and change out of uniform!" The stench from the creature permeates every molecule of the air. Slowly, and reluctantly as though the water is to be feared, it plods to the bathroom and the water begins to run. Going to the fridge to grab a much needed beer, I find a box of Domino's pizza sitting on the shelf. Opening it I face yet more disappointment, several half eaten slices retuned to the box, but none remaining whole. Unable to yell anymore, I take the box to the trash and throw it away. The creature emerges from the bathroom and we all prepare to go to bed, it stretching a pair of brown-stained hanes briefs across its bulbous body. The lights are turned off and the long day is finally over, I prepare to rest for the 6:00am morning that waits ahead. Deep in slumber I am suddenly jolted awake. The Star Wars theme song echos from the creature's lair. I throw the nearest object, perhaps a remote, at the cause of my annoyance. Finally the music quiets and my rest can resume. Just another day living with Mike Zurawski.


by Tira

One of the people that annoys me the most is my friend Jade. She is extremely smart, but sometimes she pretends she is a moron. She pretends to be humble, but is the most arrogant person that I have ever met. She is one of the most likable people I have ever hung out with, but at times she annoys me to the point of blind rage.

Jade interrupts people while they are talking as if whatever she has to say is far more important than whatever someone else might have been saying. This was an especially common experience while we were in college. While we went to college together, she would talk incessantly about how she was convinced she failed once class or another, or how she really bombed that last test. Her final college GPA was a 3.92. Whatever she might have been stressing over, or thinking about in class was the most important thing to be talked about at any given moment, to the point of inserting it in the middle of one of my sentences.

I have recently learned some things about personality type which are illuminating and helped me understand all of the anger I felt towards Jade (I'm and introvert, she's an extrovert, I think and then say, she thinks by saying), but this hasn't stopped my urge to strangle the bit** half the times she opens her mouth. What annoys me the most is that she is my best friend.


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