Age Of War

This lists, in no uncertain terms, the policies you must abide by on this MUD.
If you have any questions about what behavior is deemed acceptable, please ask first. It is never possible to write a rule for EVERY circumstance.

Play honorably, treat others as you wish to be treated, and report things that seem amiss by using the BUG, TYPO, and IDEA commands, or by speaking with one of our staff members. (SRuler+)

Above all, use common sense. If you can't do that and attempt to endanger or make the game any less fun for other players just because what you are doing isn't listed in the rules, think again

The Gods are the final deciders of intent and WILL remove from the game those they deem as intentionally causing problems. If you are unable to behave maturely, and love to see how far you can push people, then you may as well find yourself another
MUD. This is not the one for you.

  • Your character name should be a fantasy name and not the name or keyword of a mob in the game.
    You will be asked to re-create your character if its name is unsuitable.

  • Player stealing is not allowed.
    Steal attempts are logged.
    Stealing covers a wide variety of offenses:

    Stealing eq from a player, stealing experience by killing a mob another player has begun to kill...
    Stealing ANYTHING from the corpse of another player is also illegal in ANY situation other than a legal pkill as defined below. Stealing can be simply defined as taking something (be it gold, experience or equipment) from another player that you did not earn or pay for. Simple! Note: Immortals will not police private equipment deals made between two consenting mortals.

  • Charmie or pet killing is illegal, violators may be jailed!

  • Player killing is not allowed.

  • You may only have a total of 3 mortal characters.
    If you decide you want to try another character and you already have 3, DELETE one before making a new one.

    Character sharing is illegal, since it gives you access to more than 3 characters at a time.

  • Keep your own passwords private, and change frequently.
    Only ONE player may play from the same computer simultaneously (You ARE allowed to multi-play, but you may not allow another player to log his character on from the same computer, until your own are logged off FIRST!)

  • Regarding BOTS.
    Triggers on this mud are permitted assuming they are not left unattended to keep a character logged on.
    Triggers left unattended for long periods of time are BOTS, and are illegal except in one condition.

    We will permit (assuming it is not abused) players to run bots that cast spells on players for FREE, and do not have programs for gaining gold, and that the bot is not used for storing equipment. (i.e.. If the bot is equipped or holding equippable items in the inventory it is an illegal bot).

    A bot for any other reason is illegal and punishable by jail or purging of equipment. Bots also count as part of the 3 char limit and can not be ADDITIONAL to it.

    [Warning] Due to continued abuse these MAY be outlawed very soon unless they are used maturely, and not as indirect multis. If you don't want this happening you better stop abusing them and FAST.

  • Portals: Entering portals created by other players without their consent is not a direct violation of the rules, however consistently doing this may be deemed as player harassing just like following a player without their permission may be, and invoke swift punishment.

  • Houses: It is possible for players to purchase residences which they may at their OWN discretion invite other players into.

    THESE ARE PRIVATE PROPERTY! It is very illegal for anyone to enter someone elses house and take anything from it WITHOUT the authorization of the owner.

    This is considered as serious an offense as looting other PC corpses and can result in jail and/or purging of the offender!

  • If you misuse your abilities in such a way as to intentionally create confusion, harm, inconvenience, loss of equipment or death to another player, you have broken the fundamental law of the mud, which is to play honorably.

    This covers a multitude of possible actions, including but NOT limited to: summoning aggressive monsters into a populated place and leaving them there, making public objects (like fountains) or shopkeepers invisible, etc etc.
    You get the picture.

  • DT's no longer deprive you of your equipment if you are level 15 and below. If you are above that level, there is NO reimbursement.

    (Exception to the above rule)
    If you have purchased a "Get out of DT FREE" card (help qpoint for info) which is on the CHARACTER that DT`s when he/she dt`s then the code will save you from death. In any other case you are stripped of your equipment.

  • NO cussing is allowed unless in private.
    Please remember that some players may find such language offensive. Age of War is a G rated mud.

  • You may not hassle or harass other players.

    Repeated requests for help in leveling, or getting equipment or finding directions is hassling.
    Following another character without invitation is hassling.

    Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
    Due to a continued problem we have been having with this, we are tightening down on this severely. If you say ANYTHING which is flaming another player (even in private) you will face the wrath of the Gods if your victim complains. We will not allow people to be driven from this mud by a few jerks.

    Manipulation of other players will not be tolerated either. The Gods will be the judges of whether this is going on and deal with it accordingly.

  • Do NOT hoard or stash equipment or keys.
    Keeping more equipment than you can reasonably use yourself is hoarding. Failure to properly discard a key promptly after use may result in that key not resetting, thus inhibiting the play of others.

    You may NOT store keys (other than the one to your private room) in mortal residences OR houses.
    Doing so is deemed key stashing and may be punishable by PURGING of all equipment in the house. In other words, junk any key when you are finished with it.

  • Please speak in the English language on the public channels. This is to avoid confusion amongst other players as they may not understand what you are trying to say.

    With the implementation of ctell we have decided that the immortals will NOT be monitoring this channel at all. It will be considered as private a channel as group tells are.

    Public channel rules do NOT apply to this channel.
    It is up to clan leaders and whatever rank they choose to give the command to, to set up their own rules regarding what they will permit over their clan channel.
    They have been given the ability to revoke ctell privileges or boot from the clan people who abuse it.

  • We as the immortals do not wish to have to become involved with dictating clan policy or what conduct within clans will be permitted or not.

    It is assumed that clan leaders are mature enough to decide what is acceptable and what isn't. If they are negligent in this, people will leave their clan.

    If too many players leave the clan, the gods may decide to delete it. While considered private clans are still under the same rules that groups and other actions in private are under.

    Offenses we don't allow even in private, we will not allow even in clans. Failure to heed this can result in the immortals fining the clan, or deleting it entirely to make room for clans that will behave properly.

  • is extremely frowned upon in all environments.
    If in public, the most extreme punishments are justified.

  • Do NOT be offensive to another player in any way.
    This is to keep the game enjoyable for everyone.
    If you have a problem with another player that cannot be solved without rancor, then please request assistance from an Immortal.

  • Spamming is may be jailed for this.
    Spamming another player may inhibit game play, possibly causing them to make errors they would not normally make.

  • Don't ask the gods and immortals for equipment and other things. While Immortals have the duty to assist you in your understanding of how to play the game, they are prohibited from sharing Immortal game knowledge with you, or from helping you to obtain equipment, supplies, or giving you anything that constitutes an unfair advantage over the rest of the players.

    Asking for this kind of help is cheating, and you place your character(s) as well as the Immortal character in serious jeopardy.

  • Charmers and Summoners:
    You are responsible for ALL mobs that you move from their normal location. If a mob you have moved attacks another player you may be jailed.

    If a mob you have moved KILLS another player outside its normal location: You are on your way to a long term jail sentence. (Also repeated problems with the same mob MAY lead to it being made immune to charms or summons).
    Be responsible.

  • Taking advantage of any loopholes or bugs in the game/code is a punishable offense.

    Report and loopholes or bugs with the bug. Failure to do so will warrant swift and exacting justice. Including but not limited to- Site ban, loss of all chars, being frozen.

  • One final note, we do not wish to have to list every possible way that someone can cause problems for
    the Mud. The underlying rule beneath all this is treat others the way you'd wish to be treated. If common sense tells you something isn't wise, DON'T do it, or at least warn others from the area on the public channels.
    Failing to heed this may get you punished whether or not it is explicitly listed in the RULES.

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