Age Of War
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Avatar is the highest mortal rank a player can achieve. These are players who have gained enough experience to be familiar with the laws and ways of the land and have proven able to overcome trials again and again.

As the highest ranking mortal an Avatar lives by a hidden code of honor. They use their power and strength in honor to assist other players less fortunate than themselves. In addition, only at this rank may a player embark on the path of immortality.

The Path To Immortality
There are three parts to the Path:

1) Finding a sponsor. A player must wait two months after he reaches the rank of Avatar, before being eligible for immortality.

An Avatar who wishes to embark on the path must find a sponsor. Any SRUL+ may sponsor an Avatar, however they are not required to do so. Those players who have proven themselves to be honorable will find it much easier to obtain sponsorship than those players who have not. Avatars must also have an acceptable kit (in the eyes of the sponsor, and is subjective in nature).

A +70 dam kit for warriors, and a +1800 mana kit for clerics is a good target to shoot for. Once accepted by a sponsor, the Avatar must keep his kit intact.

An Avatar must not under any circumstances give any of this equipment to another character or player. The sponsor will post a note notifying other immortals that he has decided to sponsor an Avatar for immortality and request the voting clerk to schedule the dates and times for a vote.

2) The waiting period. There will be a minimum of a two week waiting period once a SRUL+ has accepted an Avatar for sponsorship. During this time, the Avatar may be questioned by any immortal about his desire to be an immortal, his past history as a player, or other subject matter that may help the immortals to better judge the Avatar. During this waiting period, the sponsor may withdraw his support for the candidate, upon written notification to the voting clerk and the player as to the reason why. The Avatar's kit must remain intact throughout the waiting period.

3) The vote. Once the waiting period has expired, the voting clerk will post a message announcing the dates and times for the vote on the candidate. The voting booth will be open for a minimum of 72 hrs to allow all eligible immortals the opportunity to vote. The ballot will be secret, with only the voting clerk and the Implementor knowing the actual, individual votes. In order to be voted in, the Avatar must get a minimum of 70% of the vote. There must be at least two GGOD+ and six total votes to constitute a quorum and make the voting valid. The clerk will notify the sponsor, yea or nay. The sponsor is responsible for reporting the results of the vote to the candidate and acting on it.

If the Avatar fails to gather 70% of the vote, he will be returned to normal Avatar status. His kit will be removed from him by his sponsor and he must embark on gaining equipment anew. An Avatar must wait two months after failure before he may again be considered for sponsorship. If the Avatar fails a second time, his kit will not be removed. He must wait 6 months to try again.

If the Avatar is approved for immortality, it will become the responsibility of the sponsor to take the new immortal to the dump and have him junk all of his equipment. The sponsor will become the mentor of the new immortal, education him in his new duties, commands, and responsiblities.