Age Of War

Let this be fair warning. Extreme disturbances cannot be tolerated on Age of War. A handful of folks will no longer be permitted to hold the mud hostage. Be aware that in addition to freeze, jail, ban, etc., at the Gods' discretion your player will simply cease to exist if it is seen to be a major disruptive force. For most of you, this warning is not necessary. For the handful that would disrupt things for everyone else, consider this your due notice.

Coming Soon!

New Zones are being reviewed and shall be added upon completion. Check the news often to keep updated on vital information.

Vianna's AutoQuest - for levels 1-40.
This is a 4 in one AutoQuest. It is separated into level blocks. One for levels 1-10, one for 11-20, one for 21-30, one for 31-40. Players will be able to play this quest simultaneously, as in, 1-10 and 21-30 may do the quest at the same time. Two quests for 1-10, may not be done at the same time. This AutoQuest will boast 2 new full sets of equipment for the lower level players. If you are a low level player, and do the quest, you can get better equipment than Bloodstone. (The quests are not hard)

The Newbie Zone has been revamped.
The newbie zone will be renamed The Temple to Ares, as was its original intentions. The Zone also boasts a whole new section, consisting of 36 rooms. To get the full Bloodstone Kit you must visit the new section. The new setup also includes new mobs, new objects, triggers, and a few new mini-quests.

A new holiday zone has been implemented, The Town of Tanamin, this the special Fourth of July Zone. Along with a set new equipment for high AND low level players, the zone boasts several mini-quests. Type Area 96 for more information. - Enjoy

In addition to the zone, several scavenger hunt items have been made. Players will have to search for these items, and they will be placed each year as the start of a new tradition.

Age of War now has Fireworks that explode in the sky, look for them around the 4th of July and New Years! - It's a very colorful display.

Now in its 4th succesful year, The Annual Memorial Day scavenger hunt has been announced. Players will need to search the mud for several differant types of 'Memories'. Check the Social Board for official rules.

After several years of planning, remort is finally in place. It has taken a long time to prepare, but the wait is worth it. In July of 2007 the original remort code was removed and started from scratch. According to VonHenlen over 10k lines of code went into remort, making it one of the largest code patches in Age of War history. He also goes on to say, 'Really everyone diserves credit, the entire staff, the mortals. Everyone. Without their input, we could not make this possible. As a side note, time was taken to also fix several minor code errors and loop holes, by doing this, Age of War should remainstable and fair to everyone for a long time.'

Age of War now has a new Domain Name, ''. Both and will point to the same place. This will ensure, that in future, Age of War will always be around.

Several Help files have been updated and a few new ones have been added. See help Quest Points, Marbles, Restring, Tokens, Remorting, Autoquest, and Travelpoints for further information.

Age of War is now running on a new server. Special thanks to Soulforge for his generous donation of the new server. The machine is very nice and should suit Age of War for many years to come.

VonHenlen is named as new Age of War code/mud Owner. We expect many new and fun things in the future. VonHenlen has assured that Age of War will remain fun and friendly to everyone.

Old clan towns have been outfited with rouge amazon warriors. Be very weary as they are very strong and are aggressive towards everyone. Since these amazons do not report to Athena, they could be anywhere. We strongly advise to not idle within any old clan town.

Super Marbles are now only worth 10 Quest points each. By doing this, we can now hand out more Super Marbles during Holiday and special quests.

Age of War now has a new AutoQuest. It can be found somewhere in then known world. See help Autoquest for further details.

We are very proud to say we have added three new zones. Thanks to the tireless building efforts of Quetzalcoatl and Lazarus over the span of three years, the zones, Midian the Necropolis, Golgotha the Cursed City, and Golgotha Castle can be found on the Main Continent.

VonHenlen is named New Head Implementor of Age of War. We expect many new things in the future, including Remort!

Thanks to the efforts of Mech, we are proud to have implemented a new Solo Zone, The Maiden's Revenge. It can be found somewhere in Thalusia.

Due to a cash flow shortage, and mortal concern, Housing prices have been slashed 30% across the board. The only prices left the same are the Portal Pet, Personal Items, and Private food.

In preparation for our remort system, Travel Points have been added to the game. You will aquire travel points as you walk through the rooms. The travel points are randomly placed and as they are credited to a player, new points are placed in the game. See help travelpoints for further details.

A new continent has been discovered. See the news file for further information.

A new gold calculation has been coded by Artech at our request to have a more realistic yield from mobs. The Plains of Destiny, created by Quetzalcoatl, and Lucifer has also been added. The code has also been updated and seems to be a lot more stable with our recent upgrade to Redhat. Please read the boards and MOTD often.

Quest marbles are now back! Please see the help files on quest points and quest marbles. Please realize you can not trade your current quest points for marbles.

Mortals who wish to seek a higher calling for immortality must have a sponsor by June 1, 2004. The voting will begin July 1, 2004. Please respect all decisions by staff members regarding sponsorship.

Clans now have new options available please look up the help file on CLAN EXPANSION. Any questions may be posted on the boards or you may contact Axis or Athos.

Jihad has been severly changed. Clans have had maintenance performed. If you wish to leave the war, please contact an GOD+ to help, or simply clan abandon_war. All the clan towns except for Vengeance's clan town are now neutral zones open to all players.

The Assassin's Playground, Dambrath, and Tsurlagol have all been converted to normal zones for ALL players. Feel free to explore these newly updated towns and we hope you enjoy the new changes. Anonymous has been removed as you may have noticed, and now you have the ability to see all the players logged in at once time.

Realm of Lost Souls Added!
Another new zone has been added to the continent which is called the Realm of Lost Souls. This is an advanced zone suitable for all you Avatars. It is very dangerous so travel in groups and don't forget to pay attention to details! It was made by Athos, if you find any problems with it please contact him.

Wizlist and Immlist have been updated. We now have an active staff to care to your needs, questions, and concerns. Please treat them with respect and remember they dedicate personal time out of their lives in order to assist you and make Age of War a better place. You may have noticed there are no immortals on the immlist. This will be changed shortly, for we are holding another immortal election, read up on the qualifications and seek out a sponsor.

The Opera House of Torath-Lok Added! A new zone has finally been added to the area of Torath-Lok. Please thank Ergo for seeing that this zone was finished to add. This zone is meant for mid-level characters and has an exciting theme. Also a lot of items have been changed to percent loads. This is preparation for the future of Age of War. Other items have had stat increases to balance the gap between Jihad and non PK players.

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