Age Of War

Age of War has 103 zones with only a handful that are still stock. Thanks to a couple dedicated coders, we offer a unique playing experience which includes several different races and classes, 50 mortal levels, an arena and quests. Mortals can select a home town from which to start the game, purchase residences, form clans, and interact with scripted mobs.

Age of War offers:

  • 50 Mortal Levels.
  • 3 Character Multiplay.
  • A 24 class remort system.
  • Player Controlled Clans.
  • Optional Playerkilling (Duel).
  • Custom Built Multiroom Clan Halls.
  • Game tours for new players (Stagecoach & Diamondclaw, the Gryphon).
  • Individual Housing.
  • A "Win Nothing, Lose Nothing" Arena.
  • Point Quests and Equipment Quests.
  • Equipment Restrings.
  • An Automatic Auction System.
  • The Possibility To Apply For Immortality.
  • Fun and Challenging Zones.
  • Mortal and Immortal built Zones.
  • A Building Port For Future Builders.
  • Autoquests.
  • In-zone mini-quests.
  • Special Holiday Zones and Holiday Quests.
  • Weekly Sunday Night Triva.
  • Friendly and Helpful Staff and Players.
  • And a Whole Lot More.

  • Faerun the Forgotten Realm (Level 50 +)
  • The Temple of Ares - Updated! (Newbie Zone)
  • The Vianna AutoQuest (Low-Level Autoquest)
  • The River Cities
  • McBains Treasure

For further information on the features above, see the information desk. Questions, comments or complaints about Age of War should be sent to:


Current clans include:
  • Avalon
  • Anguish
  • VengeancE
  • Sin