Age Of War
Once upon a time..
The world was at peace and travelers wandered freely over the lands.
The GODs grew bored of this wretched harmony, for it offered them no entertainment. Thus, they sowed the seeds of discontent. Within a few decades, petty rivalries broke, but these grew into feuds, which in turn were passed on to the next generation. Each race began to arm itself and make camps in preparation for war. The GODs saw this and smiled, and that is how the new Age began.

Age of War was officially opened for play on January 15, 1997.
On its first anniversary a new world layout was implemented, forming the groundwork for a more realistic continent and a geography in which to place zones according to their terrain and climate.

Through the efforts of many fine builders, the MUD now has 100 zones with only a handful that are still stock. Thanks to a couple dedicated coders, we offer a unique playing experience which includes several different races and classes, 50 mortal levels, an arena, and optional pkilling and a 24 class remort system. Mortals can select a home town from which to start the game, purchase residences, form clans, and interact with scripted mobs.

Age of War is based on a heavily modified CircleMUD bpl11, and currently runs on Red Hat Linux. It is served up over a business line from Springdale, Arkansas. In spite of the many code enhancements, there has only been one Pwipe..

Not counting power outages or the occasional crash, Age of War has been online continuously since its inception. It began using its own domain name in late 1997. For more information on the code base, visit CircleMUD's excellent site.