Age Of War
If you haven't done so yet,
read the information on player creation.

Getting help in the realms is not always the easiest thing when you first log on and are not really sure what to do. This should help you get started with your adventure.

When you first start a Character on AOW, You will offered a Tour by the Newbie guide, If you are new to mudding or just plain new to AOW then that is a excellent way to begin

If you still have questions about getting started, type who, and look for one of the immortals on the who list, and then type
TELL [imm_name] [your message here] or go to the information
desk for a complete overlook of the available commands.

Lets get started with the help.

The first thing you should do after you have created your character is turn on a few features to get the full mud experience.
Type: Color Complete if your client can handle ansi color.
Type: Autoexit to automatically display the available exits.

By typing Commands, a list of all available commands will appear.

Socials are commands used to show your affective state to others. They are often used by players to express emotions. Socials can be used at your current location as well as globally. To list all the available socials, simply type: Socials.

To use a social locally, just type [Social].
Example: Slap Metallifan Hug Metallifan Kiss Metallifan Bonk Metallifan

To use a social globally, type Gossip @[Social].
Example: Gossip @ Slap Metallifan Gossip @Hug Metallifan.

An easy way to avoid death is to set what is called wimpy.
This will make you flee, or run from being hurt any more after you get to, or below the amount of hit points that you have set it for.

To set wimpy, type: WIMPY ##.
Where, the ##'s are, type in the number of hit points below which you want to flee. You can not set wimpy for more than half your available hit points. On Age Of War you don't lose experience for fleeing, but you lose quite a bit for dying.

When you first create a character, you are going to want to go to a zone where the "mobs", or creatures that you are supposed to kill, have the same amount of skill as you or less. To make it easier for you to get there, follow the directions below.

The Circus:
If you can find the Eastern Gate of Torath-Lok, The the rumors are that a hidden circus are not to far away. Maybe south is a good place to start your search.....

The Newbie Zone:
The newbie zone lies in a new temple added to the eastern island of Torath-Lok. It is populated by the newbies and other lowly creatures. The zone can be reached by traveling east on the southern bridge to the guild island of Torath-Lok.

These are both good places to begin a character, You will find equipment there that will help you start your AOW career.

In order to make things easier, we have what are called aliases. They are found pretty much common on every CircleMUD. By using these, you can shorten the time of typing something.

Lets give an example, and some of the arguments that you can use.
Lets say that you are grouped with someone with a very long name, and you are assisting him, you would have to type ASSIST *Player Name* .
Now by the time you typed this, depending on how fast you type, a round or so could have gone by. To make this shorter, you can make an alias. For this example, we would type:

Now all you have to type to assist is AM. There are a few more ways to use aliases, like if you are constantly telling to a person with a long name, this would shorten your typing. Type: ALIAS TM TELL METALLIFAN $*.

The $* is an argument for what ever you type after it
So if you type TM Hi how are you doing, it would come out,
You tell Metallifan, 'Hi how are you doing?'.

That is just a quick glance at a few commands and styles on how you can get started. Once you have been playing for awhile, everything becomes like second nature. Remember if you have trouble, feel free to ask someone for assistance.

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